The People Pleasers Guide To Freedom

A 30 Day Journey to Get You UNSTUCK and Back to Your True Self.

STOP Letting The Opinion Of Others Affect You.
Be Unapologetic and Say Goodbye to Not Feeling Good Enough.
Quit Criticising Yourself & Living With Self Doubt.

Lizzie Moult, serves up 30 bite-sized stories & journal prompts to activate the soul and have you delving deep into the people-pleasing patterns and behaviors you’d forgotten to stop and question.


A simple hands-on tool to help you:

• Ditch people pleasing and reclaim your power
• Refocus on putting YOU first
• Communicate what it is you really really want out of life
• Sharpen your awareness, learn how to trust your instincts and live from your heart
• Be unapologetic in embodying your true self
• Master your mindset so you can live a life on purpose and with ease

Nurturing, relatable and completely straight up, this ebook cuts through the B.S. and puts you back in touch with your body, soul and essence.

30 Short Stories
30 Journal Prompts
Loads of Space to Write

If you are ready to get UNSTUCK and expand your heart - this journal is for you!!